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Exclusive interview with Freek FM's Heartless Crew, interview by

The Heartless Crew, Bushkin, Fonti and Mighty Mo, is currently the word on the streets. Not only are they on London's award winning Freek FM but they are also in the main arena of every top rave at the moment, including La Cosa Nostra, Cream of da Crop and Experience.

I asked them a few questions to find out their opinions on their rapid rise to underground fame.

Describe yourselves in three words.

Mo: Crazy, calm and creative
Bushkin: Bible basher, gospel speaker
Fonti: Motivated, articulate and focused

What were you doing before you made it big?

We ran a mobile sound system and we used to organise small community events. All of us were also working. We first played out at Chimes Nightclub at an all dayer. That was back in 1994.

How did you come up with your name?

We are called Heartless because our heart is in the music - the music stole our hearts.

Which other DJs and MCs have inspired you the most?

Rory from Stonelove, MC Shabba, KRS1, Stevie Hyper D, Inspector Longman and New Dimensions sound System, Sky Juice - Metro media.

What advice would you give to people trying to become DJs and MCs?

Practice hard. Believe in yourself.

If you weren't in the Heartless Crew, what would you be doing now?

Mo: Something constructive
Bushkin: Something unconstructive

Why did you become DJs/MCs?

Because we like to express our vibes through music and give people knowledge. We like seeing everyone on a level because of us. It's all about creating an atmosphere, and being able to see everyone enjoying what we're giving them.

You have a huge under-18s following. What do you think attracts them most?

Under 18s are more receptive and they have not yet been corrupted. The younger ravers feel it more and when they feel it they dance. I think they like our hype.

So far in your career, what have been your best nights playing out?

The best has definitely got to be Mission FMs first birthday bash, because it was how a rave should be. A proper rave, where everyone was on a good vibe, just bubbling. No attitude. We can't really say that any rave has been the worst rave. You've got to make the most of everything. Every spoil is a style.

What has been the funniest thing that has happened to you?

The fact that we've stuck together is quite funny and the way that we met up. But, we can't tell you about it - you've got to wait for the film.

Are there any songs that you hate?

There are a few that lack quality but no names mentioned because we don't want to get into musical politics.

What pisses you off?

Bad minded people?

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?

Nothing. Everything is an experience. A learning curve.

Who do you admire?

Our mums

If you had to choose one song, one book, one person and one luxury to be stuck on a desert island with, what would they be?

Mo: My song would be 'Wind Parade' by Donald Bird, my book would be the Holy Quaran, my luxury would be a lady friend and my person would be Bushkin. Bushkin: My song would be 'Green DEA', my book Friends by Rosa Guy, my luxury would be a lady friend as well, and I'd take Fonti with me. Fonti: My song would be 'Congo Natty' Dub Plate Press, my book would have to be the bible, again my luxury would be a lady friend and I'd take Mighty Mo.

Any shouts?

God, all our friends and all our families, Lee, Longers, Mr P, DJ Blaze, Ahmsy G, Uncle Des, Rankin E, Smokey and the London Batty Slap Dancers.

What makes the Heartless Crew what they are is not only are they deep and insightful within their lyrics but also within their lives. Heartless Crew are going places and it's not only their music but their attitude that's going to take them there.

Catch the Heartless Crew at Fonti's birthday bashment @ colosseum, 1 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall. Thursday 19th October 10pm til late. Arena 1 MikeeB, so solid crew, Jason Kaye, Rushid & Madness and the Heartless crew with MC's Rankin, Kie, Sparks, RB, Megaman, Romeo, Mighty Mo and Bushkin. Keep checking Laura Hughes page for a chance to win tickets to this event.

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