Articles of UK Garage music



Pirate radio history



$ki Sunday - An alternative view on tha history of the UK Garage scene by DJ $ki

2 Step or 'Adult Hardcore' - Extensive and in depth article on the emergence of 2 Step Garage by Simon Reynolds

Garage Wars - Originally published in the Guardian, an article profiling the split in UK Garage.

Heartless Crew - Heartless Crew from Freek FM discuss their inspirations and history.

MJ Cole - Interview with DJEQ Magazine. Issue 2. words by Tim Irwin

MJ Cole Part 2 - Interview with Radio1, September 2000

Neutrino and Romeo - These two Delight FM MC's discuss their influences, ambitions and their take on the current UK Garage scene.

Todd Edwards - Interview with DJ Magazine October 1999

Tuff Jam - Interview with DJ Magazine April 1998 words by Jim Byers All rights reserved.



Kama Sutra - the ancient art of love.

Vintage Erotica - history of erotic art photography.
Sex News - sexual knowledge and guide.